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Young Women

Menarche, or the beginning of menstrual cycles, is a huge milestone for any young woman. The average onset of menstruation is 12 years old, and most girls will have their first period by the time they are 14. Often for parents, there is discomfort or uncertainty surrounding how and when to approach this delicate topic with their daughters.

Working with a FertilityCare Practitioner can help families prepare, and anticipate what to expect when a young woman's cycle begins. Puberty is a sensitive time, where support and encouragement is incredibly beneficial as a young woman begins to mature in both mind, spirit and body.   Young women at this time are eager to understand what is going on in their body, what is normal and what's not, and how their hormone levels are effecting their overall well-being.


A girl can begin charting about 2-2.5 years after breast development began, as this is the average time between breast development and the onset of menstruation. In this way, she may be able to anticipate her first period.


 If not before cycles begin, charting with the Creighton Model can begin as soon as a young woman and her parents are ready. The charting will be geared toward monitoring and maintaining healthy cycles and equipping a young woman to be aware of the changes and phases she experiences throughout her monthly cycle.  She will also be able to identify and find help for PMS, painful menstrual cramps, reoccurring or unexplained ovarian cysts, PCOS, inter-menstrual spotting and hormonal abnormalities, which can be helped with NapProTECHNOLOGY.

The FertilityCare Practitioner will be a source of information, encouragement and support for parents and young women! A healthy appreciation for her reproductive health may help a young woman avoid infertility in the future.

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