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If you have been trying to conceive without success

If you have been diagnosed with "unexplained infertility" or been told your only option is IUI or IVF

If you have suffered one or more miscarriages

If you have painful cycles, PMS, ovarian cysts, PCOS or endometriosis

If you are experiencing long cycles, short cycles, irregular or normal cycles

If you are wanting to achieve pregnancy or avoid it with 99.5% effectiveness

If you are postpartum and breastfeeding, weaning, or not breastfeeding     


The Creighton Model is based on the daily, routine observation of various bio-markers that a woman makes throughout her day. A standardized chart, stamps and recording system are used daily, giving insight into the different phases of a woman's cycle, gynecological health, and knowledge of fertility.

This method of fertility awareness is tailored to each woman based on her reproductive category. It tailored for each woman, and is effective for any reproductive age and any type of cycle. Fertility Care may begin as soon as menstruation begins (and even before) and continue throughout a woman's reproductive life, until menopause.


Married couples can effectively plan their family, gaining awareness of their fertility or infertility on any given day. This allows them to make choices based on their intentions to achieve or avoid pregnancy each cycle. A couple has freedom from physical or chemical contraceptive barriers, which not only can cause dangerous health issues, but also interfere with the full expression of their love for each other. The Creighton Model System has a 99.5% effectiveness rate for avoiding pregnancy. It facilitates communication and respect for each spouse while fostering intimacy and appreciation for the inner workings of fertility.



The Creighton Model System™ is natural, safe, and effective.

  • A cooperative, timed approach to women's health.


  • Personalized, individual attention is given to each client.

  • Identify days of fertility and infertility with certainty.


  • Identify bio markers indicating underlying conditions.


  • Identify possible risk for miscarriage.

  • A shared system that encourages communication between spouses. Husbands can be actively involved in Family Planning.


  • Work closely with a FertilityCare™ Practitioner who teaches, supports and encourage accurate observations and charting through all reproductive phases.

The Menstrual Cycle
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