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Engaged Couples

Your engagement is one of the most exciting times of your life- you are getting ready to marry your very best and most intimate friend! You want your wedding to be the best day ever- every little detail matters, and rightly so!


On your wedding day, you will exchange marriage vows which lay the foundation for a long, happy life together. After your wedding, you will physically express your wedding vows with your body through sexual intercourse. You say to each other in word and action, "I give myself to you totally, faithfully, freely, forever!" You also receive these promises from your spouse. It is a beautiful exchange of love.

The nature of sexual intercourse is both unitive and procreative- meaning that it creates an inseparable bond between a husband and wife, and it also has the potential to create a new life! 





By gaining fertility awareness, an engaged couple can begin to understand and know the phases of fertility and infertility well before marriage. It is recommended that an engaged couple begin charting ideally four to six cycles before their wedding, but no amount of time is too short.

Learning Creighton together will foster communication, deeper intimacy and an appreciation for the inner workings of fertility between spouses!

Your FertilityCare™ Practitioner will help you prepare for marriage by supporting your fertility awareness journey! You will learn the ins and outs of the phases of the menstrual cycle so that you can have the awareness of days of fertility and infertility, empowering you to make procreative choices when you are married!

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