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Family Planning

The Creighton Model is truly Natural Family Planning, because it allows a couple to either achieve pregnancy, or avoid pregnancy with 99.5% effectiveness. It is not a natural contraceptive, but instead gives insight and awareness to the phases of fertility and infertility in a woman's cycle. Creighton treats fertility as a normal and healthy process, rather than a disease. This empowers a couple with the ability to make clear and conscious choices, each cycle, regarding their intentions for growing their family. It fosters respect, appreciation and meaningful exchanges between spouses. It upholds the dignity of man, woman and marriage!


A woman's Creighton chart will tell a couple on any given day whether they are fertile or not.  Throughout the day, a woman will observe different bio markers and each night, put this information on her chart. Often couples will share the responsibility of charting- the woman observes and the husband supports- and even sometimes does the charting! The woman does not feel alone, and neither spouse is pressured to use a physical or chemical contraceptive. The husband can be actively involved in fertility awareness. This makes Creighton unique!

The Creighton Model is scientifically sound and, "An Authentic Language of a Woman's Health and Fertility." In addition to use for family planning, a woman's chart provides gynecological and procreative information that will help her monitor and maintain her reproductive health. Different bio-markers that she observes over the course of the cycle are transcribed onto her chart, which allow her to understand the language her body is speaking. A woman can identify hormonal imbalances, ovarian cysts, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), PMS, irregular spotting, cervical inflammation and many others. The Creighton Model System is a completely standardized program, so there is a common language which makes the system objective, practical and easily understandable. 

Couple Looking Down

Creighton also supports a couple' overall health by emphasizing Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Creative/Communicative and Emotional well-being. At each Follow Up, there is an opportunity to check in with your practitioner for practical and fun suggestions on how to build up and maintain SPICE in your marriage!

Your FertilityCare™ Practitioner will support you in your family planning journey so you will gain confidence quickly and be able to use the Creighton Model to meet your family planning needs.

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